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Traveling Transcripts

Did I mention that I’m off to Thailand in September with my parents?

Well I am, and I’m crazy-excited about it! When I travel, I’m an obsessive journaler (Is that even a word? Now it is). I write down everything and collect every ticket stub/brochure/pamphlet/flyer/postcard that falls into my line of sight and in it goes. I always travel with my stick of glue and pair of scissors, so I can journal on the go. It’s often a really great way to pass the time while you’re waiting in an airport or on a long journey.

In Typo on Tuesday night I found this beautiful little travel diary, with the words

Let’s find someplace beautiful and get lost.

What a dream! And for only R40, what a bargain too!

Taxation Frustration

I’m generally a rather chipper person, happy all year round. Until it’s time for tax returns.

Then I become a stressed out ball of anxiety. With not a general-ledger-like bone in my body I’m prone to leaving my shopping receipts and invoices everywhere. So when the time comes to hand things over to my delightful account-man, I become completely distressed. (Tax tension, that’s what I call it. We should have government endorsed massage parlours to relieve the stress of submitting a tax return, honestly.)

But on Tuesday I bought this gorgeous “Nifty little don’t screw yourself at tax time receipt book” from Typo. Ta-da, problem solved! Now I have an easy-peasy way of keeping everything in order. So, so simple and stylish.

Typo Temptations

The very first Typo store in Cape Town has officially opened in Canal Walk shopping centre. For those of you who don’t know, it’s basically a stationary shop on speed.

It’s part of the same brand as Cotton On, and stocks some of the most beautiful decor and lifestyle bits, bobs and gadgets that a girl could dream of.

Forever New, Cotton On and now Typo…are we seeing a trend of Australian awesomeness here? It seems like I’ll have to head down under to see what else those Aussies have up their sleeves.

Here’s a few of the odds and ends that I bought, and I’ll be sharing more detailed posts about the three journals that I purchased over the next few days.