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Packing for a camping trip

Anyone remember when I created this epic (if I do say myself) packing list for Europe, and styled 40 outfits out of it? (Dude, I know  – 40 freaking outfits. And I printed them out, took them with me and showed them to Ben on the first day – he fell in love and was weirded out, in equal amounts.)

Well, I’ve done it again for this little 9 day camping trip that Ben and I are going on. I’ve chosen 18 simple items from H&M, Forever21, Miss Selfridge, Topshop and River Island that are currently for sale online. You can find links to each of them below. To top that off, I’ve styled 9 fun Summer outfits that are just perfect for all sorts of eating-marshmallows-round-the-fire-after-a-beach-day camping related activities. Enjoy!



one | two | three | four


five | six | seven


eight | nine | ten


eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen


fifteen | sixteen | seventeen | eighteen

I always find that I need to be able to see outfits on paper because I can’t imagine what to do with all the (inevitably) creased clothes that are lying in my bag. It’s hard when you don’t have a hotel cupboard to hang your clothes up inside. But for only a couple of days I can definitely Iive with it! Often what I do, is just before I pack my clothes into a bag, I arrange them into a couple of outfits and snap them with my iPhone – that way I can scroll through my images and see what potential outfits I could wear, and once I’ve decided, simply pull out the according pieces. Voila! It’s like having a mini personal stylist on holiday with you!

Travel_CAMP_outfits7 Travel_CAMP_outfits8 Travel_CAMP_outfits9 Travel_CAMP_outfits10 Travel_CAMP_outfits11 Travel_CAMP_outfits12 Travel_CAMP_outfits13 Travel_CAMP_outfits14 Travel_CAMP_outfits15