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I kept a detailed scrapbook throughout my month long trip to London and Greece. I’m a dedicated collector of all sorts of little things like tickets stubs and mementos, especially while I’m away. I hate to have been on a beautiful holiday and not have an account of what I did each and every single day. The pleasure truly comes in re-reading what you have written once you are back at home. It’s like holding your memories in the palm of your hands.

Greek Contiki

Greece or “Bitches be contiki-ing”

In July I went on a beautiful adventure. I had one week between the end of work shadowing at Hobbs and my flight home to SA. Naturally I was itch-itch-itching to see a little more of Europe than just the grey skies of London (Not that I don’t love those grey skies. But still, they’re grey.) So I booked myself onto a Contiki tour around the Greek Islands and Turkey, and off I went. To be honest I was slightly nervous – traveling alone to a foreign country and not being able to speak the language there wasn’t a particularly comforting idea. But I thought “why the hell not?” and wow, did I make the right decision?

There were 2 things that I did SERIOUSLY right in planning for this holiday.

  1. I booked through Contiki. They are unbelievably reliable, good value for money, have the most fantastic tour managers, there’s a whole bunch of people your age wanting to do all the things you want to do (see amazing things and party non-stop) and you have everything sorted out for you – accommodation, food, transport…you name it.
  2. I went alone. This was the best decision I could ever have made. I knew absolutely nobody, and after a week on board that cruise liner I had made 5 of the most incredible, inspirational, wonderful friends I could ever have dreamed of making. And they’re from all over the world! Australia, Canada, the States…I was blown away by these girls. So this post, more than anything, is a tribute to them. The Acropolis was awesome and I loved eating Gyros and swimming in the ocean, but what really made my Greek experience so perfect was the lifelong friends that I made.

Pelin, Kirsty, Carolyn, Janick and Stacie, I adore you all so much. I really and truly hope that one day our paths will all cross again, and we can share some new adventures.


In the 1st picture: Photographs from the Captain’s cocktail party / The best drinks card in the world / An evil eye and lambskin diary bought in Kusadasi, Turkey / My travel journal with a message from Kirsty in it / Contiki booking / The Green Mamba (My SA passport)


After editing photos and blogging for what seems like hours, and watching a bit of “Made in Chelsea” (google it, you’ll die. Worst/funniest program evs. Ollie, the recently turned bi, make-up wearing, long haired, model wannabe who puts eye shadow on his stomach to define his “6-pack” better, is my favourite character. So funny!) it’s time for me to go to sssssleep. I have 3 days worth of photo shoots coming up. It’s so different being on the other side of the camera. DEFINITELY not nearly as fun, yet still entertaining in a way. 

I still need to upload some of the photos from when I popped into the market near my cousin’s flat on the way home from Camden, which I forgot to mention, and also from our family get together – took a fantastic photo of my Great aunt :) But for now, bedtime.

Muchos loveness

ciao dolls x

|London Town turns my world around|

It is 33 beautiful marvelous fantastical degrees Celsius today :) It was so wonderful to walk to the station this morning and have the sun shining on me, warming me up. What a wonderful feeling.

This weekend was jam-packed and full of non-stop action. Friday evening I went to Leicester Square. It was raining, but it didn’t seem to have put a damper on any one’s spirits, as all the clubs and bars were packed.

Saturday I

-Went to the British Museum – saw the Rosetta Stone (amazing experience)

-Went to Harrods. Unimpressive.

-Went to Laduree. VERY impressive.

-Went to Hyde Park, which was beautiful. I sat and ate my macaroons there in the shade, while watching the swans.

-Went to Selfridges. Once again, unimpressive.

-Tried to track down a pair of shoes at Topshop. Went to 3 different stores. unsucessful.

I took some wonderful photographs, especially of my macaroon experience in Hyde Park (You’re not allowed to take photos inside of Laduree) but unfortunately they’re on my dinky camera (aka my non-fancy camera) which I don’t have the cable for here in London. But, I do have some lovely photos from Camden Town and my family gathering on Sunday :)

Coming right up…….