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Worth a watch: The Sexy Lie

In an age where the media is rampant with sexualised images of women, Caroline Heldman gives a fantastic talk about sexual objectification. She explains how to define it, disproves the notion that sexual objectification is empowering and also offers strategies for navigating our highly sexualized present day culture.


I wish this had been around 2 years ago when I wrote my thesis, all about the way women are portrayed in South African media. It would have been such a huge help! I’ll say it again, as I’ve said a thousand times before, I cannot stand seeing naked women, or sometimes even just sections of naked women, selling products that have nothing to do with sex. Sex does not sell to intelligent people, and if you need sex to sell your product, then it obviously isn’t very good. The way in which the media portrays women directly affects the way men think about them, and the way women think about each other, leading us to be shunted from influential positions in government, businesses and media. It is unacceptable and needs to stop.

“Girls and guys both need to stop evaluating girls by how they look, and rather evaluate them for what they do or say.” – Caroline Heldman