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Fighting fate, keeping faith


I’m busy with something in my life that’s really testing my faith, and I’m not talking religiously.

There’s a constant battle happening in my mind of “You’re awesome, let’s do this” and “Why should it be you?” and it’s tough. Sheryl Cole’s “Don’t believe the things you tell yourself so late at night. You are your own worst enemy, you’ll never win the fight.” comes to mind. As long as the ‘fight’ is me against myself there’s no winning or losing.

So I went out searching for some quotes and enlightening thoughts on maintaing courage and perseverance, and most of all keeping the faith you have in yourself. I sorted through the soppy and the cliché to make a list of quotes that are exactly what I need to hear right now. The most pacifying thing I’ve read so far is “Taking that risk was the best thing I could have ever done,” she said. “Women who can act boldly despite that fear go far in their careers.” from this awesome article about embracing your fears and your flaws.

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* Since writing this, Stylist magazine has released an amazing list of quotes about how to embrace failure. It’s definitely worth a read, and really made me feel at ease. Sometimes we forget how important failure is in order to put our success into perspective. I really had never thought about that before. It’s like sweet and sour sauce isn’t it? Without each other they would be too much on their own.