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Food Stylin’

I’m currently involved in something very exciting at work. I can’t spill the beans yet, but I can share what I’ve been up to lately. A wonderfully fabulous friend of mine – Leigh – and I spent the whole of Thursday styling and photographing food. The recipes and amazing photos that we took will be shared soon enough (hopefully within the next week and a half-ish). So here’s a sneaky peek into what’s to come, just to wet your appetite.

My precious pup Jimi is possibly the most photographed dog ever. He’s the centre of my universe. Unfortunately he almost ran away from home today. He hates anyone in my family to open the bonnet of their car, and today my dad’s battery was flat. He got so terrified that he snuck out of the gate and took off down the road in a flat panic (Its’s probably the best exercise he’s had in months. We walk him twice a day but to say he’s a little on the lazy side we be the understatement of the year. I like to think of him as being an efficient cuddler). My mother had to chase after him and carry him home – which is no easy feat… he’s got some cuddle-weight hanging around his belly… Anyway, when he got home he hid in the flower bed for a while. Honestly… And they say Staffies were bred to fight!