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As you might already know, I am a lover of traveling, and so is Ben. (Contiki, Paris, Pamplona, Rome, Greece… looking forward to adding Auckland to that list very very soon!). I’m currently in the UK until August, and am absolutely loving exploring different places. In two weeks time, Ben and I are off to Norfolk for a spot of camping. We have yet to buy any equipment, but we should hopefully be getting to that on friday.

The place that we’re staying at directly overlooks the beach – it’s called Overstrand Campsite and seems to have some great reviews. Although I camped all over Europe for about a month last year, I’m not sure how I’ll fair if it starts to rain and our tent leaks or something. I’m a bit of a miserable lump if I’m wet. Even more so if my belongings are wet. Here’s hoping it’s only ever sunshine and seashores for us. That’s a picture of Norfolk beach below. Ohh yeeeah!norfolk201358image via

I’ve been searching the internet for ideas to make our trip just a little more special, but have really been struggling to find creative ways to make an adults camping trip feel exciting. I’ve scoured pintrest, and Google images, but all I can really find is suggestions for children’s parties, weddings and ‘clamping’ (which just totally defeats the point of camping!). The closest I’ve come to seeing something camping inspired and unique was on A Cup of Jo – she wrote a post about Shelter Co. who have a super awesome camping service. In my mind, I imagine camping to be like the images on their site – strategically planned and dry. I know that neither of those things are feasible, but I like to keep my hopes up, especially about the weather (did I mention my hatred of rain?).

shelterCO1 shelterCO2 Images via

Can you even deal with how gorgeous these are?! I mean, I’m not one to glamp, but daaaamn. I guess when I thinking of glamping, I think of a girly backyard sleepover. Or manicures in a tent. But this style of camping by Shelter Co. – I could definitely do it!

So I’ve decided to try and come up with some creative ways to make our camping trip a little more special… It’d also Ben”s birthday while we’re away, which aside from French toast for breakfast on the 16th, means it needs to be extra extra special. 26 is a big deal!


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