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Tasteful Tuesday – A Simple Smoothie


Could I just explain to you for one second about how much I hate to make a fuss and a mess in the kitchen? I can’t stand the millions of dishes that go into producing a meal, however delicious said meal might be. I can’t stand the effort that goes into wiping down counters, or re-packing refrigerators, or drying dishes (I always air dry mine in the drying up rack).

Making this yummy, awesome, delicious and really simple smoothie creates none of this mess and havoc, and is a perfect morning snack, that you can even pop into a sippy cup (yes, I just said sippy cup) and have on the way to work. No fuss or mess, and a healthy, tasty, on-the-go breakfast in return.

I can’t say that by making and drinking this smoothie your day will definitely be awesome, but I can tell you that it sure as hell probably will be.


The Simple Smoothie:
• 1 banana
• a handful of strawberries, washed and sliced into halves
• a little bit of watermelon
• some fresh mint (Plus a little more to garnish, if you love being fancy!)• a little bit of watermelon
• 1 cup of 100% orange juice (or better yet, freshly squeezed…)

1 || Pop all of these into a plastic container and blend blend blend.
2 || Pour into an ultra fancy glass just to be indulgent (it is Tuesday after all) if you’re staying home/have time and garnish with a spring of tiny baby mint. Otherwise into the sippy cup it goes, and you can head on out to work.