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Keeping it inside the box for a change

I’m a runner. That’s been my thing for a few years now. I love running 10km races, and throw in the odd half marathon to remind me just how much I really do love those 10km races (Honestly, I limp around for days after a half). But I’ve recently – and by recently I mean I’ve only done 2 lessons – started boxing. And my oh my, I LOVE it! My boyfriend has been trying to convince me to do it for a month or two, and I finally took the plunge. I started taking classes with him and some other guys at The Locker Room, a brilliant boxing gym out here in Southend.


I was super nervous at first, especially being the only girl. And I kept asking Ben “Do you think anyone minds that I’m here?” as if I needed everyone else’s approval to be there, just to try it out. But I’ve done 2 lessons now and I feel like I’m improving a bit. It’s a great way to exercise. I never manage to work up a sweat by running, or doing sit-ups. But when I walk out of boxing, I’m literally soaked. Or at least glowing. I love the fast pace, and the way that I feel while I’m hitting the punching bag. In my mind, I think that I look like Erin Heatherton from one of the past Victoria’s Secret shows.


Images via Victoria’s Secret

Anyone interested in boxing should really check out this seriously cool Victoria’s Secret workout video on Youtube. Adriana Lima and her way cool trainer, Michael Olajide, Jr. (How awesome is his eye patch??!) go through a couple of moves.

I also came across this awesome infograph (below) on Pintrest. It’s all about how a boxing workout can tone your body. I especially feel it in my back, shoulders, bum and ( as expected) arms. Boxing is a breath of fresh air in my otherwise usual routine of running. I love it, and I’m sure you might too. There’s nothing better than learning how to punch like a girl.