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Cosmetic Infographic

This is something I’ve been working on for the past few days. It’s one of the first times I’ve actually started and finished a project that I simply decided to do, and wasn’t just paid to do…. Also, I made a delicious butternut pasta and went for an 8km, so I feel pretty awesome about myself today as a designer, runner and food making extraordinaire. Here you go – an awesome infographic I made using information from a this source – this Delineo company has some great data. I might use it to do a few more data visualizations in the future.

What I love about data vis. is that when you see physical shapes in relation to one another, the data takes on a new meaning all together. As one might have guessed, I have a Ted talk that I favour entitled The Beauty of Data Visualization by David McCandless. The simple way in which he groups data makes it seem to come alive, and new connections can easily be seen.infograph-01

Seventeen Magazine home work Diary 2013

No, I’m not going crazy. I meant to say 2013 in the title up there. This is the diary I designed and photographed for last year. I adore it so much, as it was my first really big project that I did as an official graphic designer, fresh out of varsity and feeling pretty awesome about myself.

I still take it out and page through it quite often, and so I decided it needed to be styled into a gorgeous shoot to share on the blog. So here it is…IMG_5656 IMG_5663 IMG_5666 IMG_5677

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A big change

There are some major, unforeseen changes occurring in my life. I can’t post about them yet because I’ve haven’t told many of the people who are closest to me, and  don’t think it’s quite right to post about it on my blog before I let them all know…

Let’s just say that I’m open for freelancing.

The Btech Project. Post #3

The Btech project is slowly taking form. It’s becoming slightly annoying, because I’ve given up my entire life in complete devotion to achieving a fantastic mark. It’ll all be worth it in the end, I’m sure, and I have an amazing lecturer, Chantelle Arpesella, who’s guiding me through the chaos.

Anyway, I sound like I hate what I’m doing. Let me just be clear, I don’t. I live for design and creativity. And the most important part of the design process? Great references! Take a look at mine… Continue reading

Food Stylin’

After creating such lovely images for the last edition of Spar Savour magazine, my friend Leigh and I were asked to do some more work for the online mag. We shot and styled two different pieces, although I can’t share them yet because the next edition of Spar Savour only goes live in 13 days time. But here are a few tit bits in the mean time.

The Btech Project. Post #2

Remember when I shared my proposal to Seventeen Magazine SA to design their homework diary? Well… I got the gig! (Always wanted to say that…) Click ‘read more’ below if you’re keen to find out how my Btech project is going.

Time is flying by, and I’m really feeling the pressure right now. Aside from my internship, I’m having to complete all of my Btech work and design the Seventeen homework diary. But just like the little quote stuck on my desk note board says – “The pressure is good for you.” At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’ve developed my campaign much further than just the Seventeen Homework Diary. My target audience is remaining teenage girls, but I’ve selection the age group 11- 15 years to create stricter target market boundaries, making design much easier.

The photograph on the top image is of my cousin (middle) and two of her friends. I gathered these girls and let them watch 3 documentary trailers, asked them questions, sparked discussion and filmed the whole thing! To say that I was overwhelmed by their responses and their knowledge and wisdom at such a young age, about topics such as gender roles and the media’s portrayal of women and girls, was astounding. They honestly blew me away. I was very proud of my cousin and thankful to each of them. Although I did sneakily bribe them with cupcakes from Charly’s Bakery.  Continue reading


Remember when I said I was involved in something super exciting that I couldn’t really speak about yet, because of work censorship and such? Well now I’m free to divulge all the delicious details.

I present to you, Spar Savour Magazine. The company that I’ve been interning for, Future Media Group, have developed it, and I’ve been involved in writing and design for the magazine.

I was also given the opportunity to style and photograph one of the features – a segment about ginger, including 6 yummy recipes.

My amazingly talented friend, Leigh Tobin, cooked all of the food and together we styled and shot it, using the equipment and studio at on the CPUT Graphic Design floor. Continue reading