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Why I hate maths.

Maybe that’s not the best way to title this post. But I don’t really care, because its how I feel.
I’ve always hated maths. From question sums in grade 3 to long division in grade 5, it’s always been my nemesis – sneaking marks away from me every year at school, preventing me from achieving the average I deserved, forcing me to think laterally, instead of the zig-zag, brightly coloured, round-about creative process my right brain usually uses. To put it bluntly, it was my least favourite lesson and I felt that maths was single handedly ruining my life, all the way up to Grade 12 when I was accepted to study graphic design, didn’t need it any more and dropped to an easier level – Maths Literacy.

takes courage to be creative

I’m not going to tell you about some big epiphany that I had where I realized maths was super essential to my current career, or how I now understand why we need to use X and Y in algebra (Why are you using letters where there should be numbers? You’re confusing me. Is this
But I am going to tell you about an extremely interesting occurrence that is currently taking place in the world around us. The old left-brain thinking careers are very quickly falling to the way side and becoming second fiddle to the growing need for right-brain thinkers who can problem solve in a unique way.

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