Contiki part 7

From the the hot and sunny Croatia, we moved on to the incredible country of Hungary. In all honesty, I hadn’t expected much from our stop in Budapest (which is pronounced “BudapeSHt”) but I ended up being completely blown away. It seems to be a city I could live in.

We arrived at an empty campsite quite late I. The evening, pitched tents and grabbed dinner. There were too many mosquitoes to count – a repeat of Kavala unfortunately. My bites were just starting to heal, when I was bitten twice as mic. As before!

We headed out to explore Budapest by night (and to get away from all the mozzies). We ended up at a place with a similar feel to Bombay Bicycle Club for those of you who live in Cape Town – all sorts of random chairs on the ceiling and bits ‘n bobs everywhere.



It was a total vibe. We ended up running around in the pouring rain, trying to find a cab at about 4am…

Our first day in Budapest was incredible – the views, churches… Budapest is known as ‘The Paris of the east’ and it’s not difficult to see why.



Wilandri and I found a gorgeous little food market with delicious sandwiches for lunch. After that, we stumbled upon a fantastic 2nd hand clothing market – I bought a fantastic sequined skirt for €1 amongst numerous other things! Bargain!!! I know it’s seems kind of strange, but Iove the fact that when you buy second hand clothes, they’ve already had their own adventures that you’ll never know about, it’s as if they have secrets.
I’ve gone completely looney.




We headed to the terror museum, all about the Nazi and Soviet occupation of Budapest. It was very sad, yet incredibly interesting. Off we went for a peek into the hot spring baths, but decided to lie in a park and munch on some pastries instead of taking a dip.




We popped on to Heroes Square on the way back to meet the rest of our tour. Stopped for a glass of wine in a little café. We all hopped on a dinner cruise around Budapest (read: buffet and free wine) and then headed back to the campsite.



The next morning, a couple of people realized that while we were sleeping, someone had broken into their tents and stolen things… Cameras, cash, jackets. Travis had his camera ad unfortunately his passport stolen, so as we all headed into the coach for Vienna, he had to remain behind to apply for a temporary New Zealand passport….

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