Contiki part 4

I’ll never forget… When I was in grade 9 we had an amazing history teacher, and we were learning about world war 1. There was a chapter in our text book called ‘Tension in the Balkans’… It’s just always stuck with me for some strange reason. And now here I am, in the Balkans.


We visited Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania all in 3 days. They weren’t my fav – Bulgaria being the best of all three – so I’ve decided to do a point by point description of what i got up to instead of long winded, adjective bursting paragraphs.

We went to Sofia.
I almost got pickpocketed (ALMOST).
Stayed in a hooker hotel (which was actually kind of amazing)
Saw the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Happened upon a massive protest.
Went out with a couple of people to Sofia’s student area.
Watched a live band.
Had a ton of fun.

Early start, feeling tender after night before.
Stopped in Skopje for lunch – pizza near a waterfront.
Late to campsite.
Beautiful BIG lake.
Started feeling sniffly.
Bed early.

Albania (or, the place where those human traffickers came from in the movie taken):
A beautiful countryside, but my word the cities aren’t the best. Felt like were were walking through a small town in Zim.
Everyone thought there was unbelievable poverty, except Wilandri and I, which I think says a lot.
We stayed over at another hotel, with a little apartment between 4 of us.
Made full use of the pool, which was awesome.
Had an early night.





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