Contiki part 1

So, after a great flight with Turkish Air and a not so fabulous stop over in Istanbul, I arrived in Greece yesterday! It was great arriving in Athens, having been here before it was easy getting from the airport to the campsite.


Wilandri and met with the other members of our tour – they’re a great bunch of people. Predominantly Kiwis and Australians, with 2 Americans, 2 Canadians and only two of us South Africans.

We spent the first night in Athens just getting to know the people on our tour. After an awesome first night’s sleep in our tents (during a thunderstorm!!) we woke up this morning and hopped in the bus, heading for Kavala.


On our way we stopped at the place where the final battle in the movie ‘300’ took place. Super fascinating!


We drove the entire day and are spending the night at in a campsite in Kavala, right next to the ocean which is gorgeous! It’s wonderful, except for the mosquitoes, which suck!!


Off to Gallipoli in Turkey tomorrow, and Istanbul the day after.

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