Packing for Europe



As I’m going to be on a Contiki, and literally living out of my backpack while I’m in Europe, I’m having to take all sorts of ridiculous things like a pillow, towels and even a sleeping bag.

I’m generally the worst packer ever. I almost always end up packing at 2am the morning before I’m leaving, and even though I make lists on lists on lists and take too many bags, I always end up forgetting something behind.

So for this trip, I turned the tables on my unorganization and packed one month before I left. Not only did I pack… I also photographed all my items of clothing and photoshopped them into 40 possible outfit choices, which I’ve printed out and will have on hand when deciding what to wear.

I’m kind of proud of it – 19 items of clothing and a couple of accessories to fare me for 64 days.


All in all, I have enough clothing to last me for a week and a bit, just in case something happens (like non stop torrential down pours – let’s hope not!) and I can’t do any washing. I’ve kept things very simple and casual, with mostly neutral colors so that mixing and matching becomes easy.

Aside from what you see here, I am also taking a very big, black, hooded parka (In case of said torrential downpours) as well as a long-ish grey cardigan. So if I post photos during my trip and I’m seen wearing those two items, don’t think I’m a liar about what I’ve packed – I just didn’t have either item at the time.


Accessories are honestly what make an outfit. Once again, I’ve kept mine mostly neutral. A bit of glitz, a bit of causal glam and a bit of Africa (those black earrings are from Mozambique). Aside from the pumps and sandals you see here, I’ve also packed a pair of trail running shoes as well as flip flops for beach days.

Outfits5 Outfits4

40 freaking outfits!! How cool is that? Clearly I’ve broken out of my bad-habit packing-rut and sprung forth into an almost equally as nutty overly prepared fresh start.

I’ve got lots to do still…. So the next time I post, I’ll more than likely be in Istanbul airport in the middle of my 7 hour lay over. Love it.


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