Lately I’ve been…

There’s a definite chill in the air in Auckland at the moment. You can almost feel the days physically getting shorter. I thought it would be nice to keep a little update of things that I’m…. at the moment. I’ll probably update it every so often. Maybe once or twice a month.


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I’m eating… A lot of home made food. Ben and I have working hard at saving money, and since we’ve been living together (coming up to a year, shortly!) we’ve always made a weekly list of meals, and made a shopping list from that. Then we head to the shops on our weekly grocery dash, and it honestly saves us a ton of money. My mantra for grocery shopping is “She who shops with no list, spends too much money (and buys unnecessary crap)”. Pretty sure it’s a Chinese proverb.

I’m drinking… Rekorderlig cider. A LOT. I’m very into the Raspberry and lemon flavour, as well as the passionfruit flavour.

I’m thinking about… Cutting my hair. Can’t even elaborate on that because I’m too afraid.

I’m exploring… My new neighborhood, Westmere. It’s kind of awesome living so near to the city now! I’m looking forward to going out on a nice long run in the next few days. There is something so lovely about running in a new neighborhood – everything is unexpected and distracts you from huffing and puffing.

I’m dreaming of… Summer. Already! And Autumn has only just begun. I’m hopeless in cold weather.

I’m listening to… The Lively Show as . much . as . possible . Follow the link, you’ll love it.

I’m looking forward to… Getting my final pieces of (large) furniture for my lovely new home – I still need a coffee table, side tables, outdoor furniture and a bed/sleeper couch for the spare room. Ben thinks a TV is important too. I’m scouring Trade Me like MAD for bargains.

I’m working on… My own brand, as well as a CV for my amazingly talented friend Pelin.

I’m lusting after… Every item of clothing at Supré. Luckily there’s a ba-jillion stores near to me.

I’m trying to… Stay positive – there’s a fine line between home-based freelancer and unemployed all day PJ-wearing, binge series watcher.

I’m trying not to… Allow failure to get me down. The quote below rings true to me right now.

I’m enjoying… Living with Ben on our own for a change – it’s the first time we haven’t had flat mates/family living with us. And we’re loving it.

I’m missing… My mom, dad, dog and extended family. Oh my gossssssh I miss them so damn much.

I’m grateful for… Ben (oh so soppy, I know. Sue me!). He really has been an absolute rock for the last year of me quitting my job and moving to London with no working visa on a whim (oh how long ago that feels now!).


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