On Monday morning I was very upset. I lost my favourite pair of mittens from Forever New (quite unusually, I own about four pairs of mittens aside from a large assortment of gloves, but that’s a whole different story.) somewhere between going to Gardens Shopping Centre on Friday morning and returning home from Pringle Bay on Sunday evening. They were gone and I was heart broken.

So I started this week on a very sad note. I even wept slightly on the way to class on Monday morning. But sshh. (Crying over mittens = nonsensical. Honestly.)

We’re busy working on interactive PDF’s at the moment in class – so basically we’re creating online magazines. We’re having to write all the articles for these magazines ourselves. My group has to chosen to do a contemporary South African lifestyle mag, which focuses on food, fashion, entertainment and art &design specifically. I had forgotten that we were shooting our food segment on Monday.

So surprise surprise when we arrived to interview the head chef, James Rowntree, of Karibu at the V & A Waterfront and he had some fantastic dishes ready to serve us!

First up was slightly smoked crocodile carpaccio, with a honey mustard dressing. I’ve got to say, I was slightly apprehensive (especially because as I put it into my mouth James asked me how the “lizard” is!) but seriously surprised, my generally conservative taste buds enjoyed it. Crocodile tastes similar to chicken, and has a slightly chewy texture to it.

Next up was the Springbok shank with re-hydrated peaches and gravy, atop a bed of herb mash. My oh my, was this delicious. I consider myself to be quite a connoisseur of venison, but this was by far the most delicious Springbok I’ve ever tasted. The meat whimpered and fell off of the bone at a mere glance. Fabulous.

To top it all off was a chocolate smorgasbord. Heaven in truffle to be honest.

I ended my surprisingly lovely Monday by re-buying my lost mittens from Forever New (the last pair left AND they were on sale).