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My parents-in-law is busy selling their house. So every weekend at the moment we’re having an open home which means that every Sunday morning we’re sprucing up, dusting down, shaking out and preparing for visitors. On the first weekend, I decided I wanted something beautiful to pop in the vase on my desk. With no time to head to the shops to buy flowers, I ventured into my mother-in-law’s garden (which is basically just a floral haven – butterflies flitting from bud to flower, bees buzzing about, birds tweeting, and lots of bright colours). I wanted something that was going to smell as gorgeous as it looked. There’s a large assortment of herbs, so I ended up cutting a couple of stalks, bunching them together and popping them into the glass jar I had available. It looked incredible, and smelt so delicious!


All you need is access to (yours or your neighbor’s or someone who’s not home’s):
• Mint
• Rosemary
• Fennel bush

Aside from the shrubbery, you’ll need:
• Scissors
• Glass jar with water

Pop (or if you’re taking from someone else’s garden, sneak) outside and cut each of the herbs and flowers shown in the image below. Arrange them in your jar, and see which need to be trimmed down and shortened. It’s important to create texture, through the different kinds of leaves used, but also size – you don’t want everything the same length, but rather varying heights that create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Once your cuttings and flowers are at the correct lengths, take them all out and begin arranging them. Place the longer, taller sprigs of rosemary towards the back. Your fennel should go in next, as it acts as a filler and is quite soft, so placing it in later could bend and damage the cuttings. Position the fennel flowers in a way that allows them to be seen from all angles. The mint can go in last, as it can be curved, or may need the other flowers to hold it up.

I find that this will generally live for about a week – a week and a half. You’ll find that the Rosemary will live the longest, but I wouldn’t suggest throwing  the remnants in with your Sunday roast – cut some new herbs for that!

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