Greek Contiki

Greece or “Bitches be contiki-ing”

In July I went on a beautiful adventure. I had one week between the end of work shadowing at Hobbs and my flight home to SA. Naturally I was itch-itch-itching to see a little more of Europe than just the grey skies of London (Not that I don’t love those grey skies. But still, they’re grey.) So I booked myself onto a Contiki tour around the Greek Islands and Turkey, and off I went. To be honest I was slightly nervous – traveling alone to a foreign country and not being able to speak the language there wasn’t a particularly comforting idea. But I thought “why the hell not?” and wow, did I make the right decision?

There were 2 things that I did SERIOUSLY right in planning for this holiday.

  1. I booked through Contiki. They are unbelievably reliable, good value for money, have the most fantastic tour managers, there’s a whole bunch of people your age wanting to do all the things you want to do (see amazing things and party non-stop) and you have everything sorted out for you – accommodation, food, transport…you name it.
  2. I went alone. This was the best decision I could ever have made. I knew absolutely nobody, and after a week on board that cruise liner I had made 5 of the most incredible, inspirational, wonderful friends I could ever have dreamed of making. And they’re from all over the world! Australia, Canada, the States…I was blown away by these girls. So this post, more than anything, is a tribute to them. The Acropolis was awesome and I loved eating Gyros and swimming in the ocean, but what really made my Greek experience so perfect was the lifelong friends that I made.

Pelin, Kirsty, Carolyn, Janick and Stacie, I adore you all so much. I really and truly hope that one day our paths will all cross again, and we can share some new adventures.


In the 1st picture: Photographs from the Captain’s cocktail party / The best drinks card in the world / An evil eye and lambskin diary bought in Kusadasi, Turkey / My travel journal with a message from Kirsty in it / Contiki booking / The Green Mamba (My SA passport)