New Masthead

Listen to me, with my design terminology….”masthead”. 

I’m referring to the big bright crazy collaged words at the top of my blog saying “Sunsets & Strobelights”.

Considering that I study graphic design, one might think that I more than likely should have some crazy slick design to represent my blog. A savvy logo. But no. I have this cluttered, weird, girly, silly mix up of photographs (all of which I took).

To be honest, I’m up to my ears in kerning and filters and illustrator nonsense, that when I made that masthead, ALL I wanted was for it to represent me, and who I am. And I LOVE it. I’m not very together, a bit all over the place. I’m happy, bright, positive and passionate about so many different things. 

I incorporated a number of different images into the masthead, splashes of paint from projects I’ve done, Laduree’s logo, prints from their boxes, a “Cape Town for Design World Capital 2014” because I’m so proud of our city, Nutella bottles, porcupine quills, a Starbucks coffee cup, my dog, Jimi :) So many things that I adore are up there.