Barefoot beach walks

I spent a wonderfully relaxing 3 nights at our family holiday house in Pringle Bay last weekend. We celebrated Ali’s birthday – she’s our local pizza place owner. If you’re ever in Pringle, make a point of stopping by for one of her amazing pizzas. I walked on the beach with my parents, ate late brunches, watched my dad play a bit of a gig which is always fantastic, and ended up having to help my dad catch and release a puff adder that slithered onto our veranda. Just a bit of excitement to end off the weekend!

1. full

My hat and shoes were gifted to me, sunnies are from somewhere in Barcelona, my dress is from Mr Price years ago, and actually belongs to my mother. I can only give a link to the cosy cardigan. Cardigan – Forever New2. full_2 3. Portrait 4. shoes 5. fun 6. landscape

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