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Next weekend is Ramfest in Cape Town! I’m not going, as it’s my cousin’s birthday party, but I thought I’d concoct a little outfit mood board as I was feeling inspired by everyone’s festival related Facebook updates. I think the key to enjoying a music festival while remaining stylish is finding the line between trendy and comfortable. You’re generally on your feet all day long, and for even longer at night.

1. Flat shoes are a must! There’s nothing worse than heels sinking into the grass, and the only time you should have to deal with that, is at the horse races. Closed shoes are better than sandals, because they protect your feet from careless drunk people stumbling around ‘dancing’.

2. A sensible bag is pretty sensible. Not too big that you could fit your laptop inside it, not too small that you need a magnifying glass to spot it, and definitely a long strap to hang around your body while you’re jamming.

3. Dress in layers. Hot in the electro tent, cold in the crowd at the main stage – what you need is a nice easy shirt you can tie around your waist and whip on and off when needed.

4. Don’t forget your sunnies Or to keep hydrated and apply sunscreen. Sunstroke is not fun, and is so much worse when you’re camping. Trust me.

5. …or to accessorize! Just because you’re at a festival and it’s a little very dusty, doesn’t mean you can’t bling it up. Just don’t use anything with stones in it, or take anything sentimental, in case it gets lost. Festivals are definitely the place to rock skull rings and cross accessories.

This entire outfit can be shopped online at Mr Price’s fantastic online store. They’re affordable and fashionable, and what’s more – you can often find pieces online that I never see in the stores. If you’re trying to think up outfits for Ramfest this weekend, take a peek at my mood board for some inspiration and to see what I would wear if I was going. The links to each piece are below the image.

001_festival outfit

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