All work and no pay

I’ve just started a month long internship at Condenast South Africa. I’m working in their online department, helping with the GQ and GLAMOUR magazine websites. I’ve only been here a week, and I’ve learnt so much already. It’s fabulous! Of course, interning comes with no salary, which is a thorn in my side, but honestly I’m more than willing to trade my time and effort in exchange for knowledge, experience and most importantly – contacts. 

I’ve been putting my fantastic design skills into practice, re-designing their online mailers and archiving articles for future use. There’s been no coffee-making or “I’ll have this for lunch” requests, however we have celebrated ‘Bakeday Friday’ with a divine assortment of muffins and baked delights supplied by the office chatterbox Gillian, who is just fabulous.

I think I’m going to do a couple of outfit posts of things that I wear to work. After all, I’m working at a fabulous fashion magazine, there’s bound to be exciting things happening in my work-wear wardrobe.