Tasteful Tuesday: Bruschetta


I love bruschetta. They’re easy to make, but look like you’ve really put a lot of work in. I decided to whip these up for lunch on Monday, and what a treat they were!001

• 1 french loaf
• cherry tomatoes
• Goats cheese
• Fresh basil leaves
• crispy shards of onion (from Woolworths)
• Black pepper and balsamic reduction to garnish

1 || Cut the french loaf into slices just over 1cm thick.

2 || Pop the slices into the toaster, set on a low, slow heat.

3 || Slice up the cherry tomatoes. Place them in a bowl, along with goats cheese, crumbling into smaller balls.

4 || Slice up the basil, to increase the flavour. Add to the tomato and cheese, and mix.

5 || Remove french loaf from the toaster, and place on a rough, textured wooden board. spoon some of the mixture onto each bruschetta.

6 || To garnish, place the crispy onions on top of each, and add a grind of black pepper.

7 || As you’re about to serve, squeeze a little balsamic reduction over each bruschetta. I love the ‘ab’ products reductions – they’re all delicious and can be found at most supermarkets.002 003 004 005

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