A Great Gift Idea


Okay, so with Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s – as I’m celebrating this year) coming up shortly, I thought I’d share this sweet idea that I had over the festive season, and ended up using as Christmas gifts for some of my friends. What could be infinitely cooler or cuter than a mini mimosa set? It’s super quick, easy and simple and is basically a one person party-in-a-box! Mimosas are, of course, a mix of champagne and fruit juice – something I adore because it’s perfect for any time of the day, with any meal or for any celebration. And as I like to see every day as a reason to celebrate… cheers!002

Right, so first… a list of the things you need:

Cute box that closes. I got mine from Merry Pack – a paper and packaging company that rock my world year in and year out.
A fruit juice. I chose my favourite Krush flavour – orange.
bubble wrap, for cushioning
Tissue paper, for covering the cushioning bubble wrap
A champagne glass. I found these awesome old-school ones that I think are so cool that I want to drink everything out of them forever more.
Some kind of glittery thread. I got this from Merry Pack too.
A mini champagne or sparkling wine. JC Le Roux‘s mini bottles are the perfect size and taste!

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I gave out my mini mimosa sets as Christmas presents, and they were really well received by all of my friends, but I think they would be a fantastic gift to give to friends for Valentine’s Day. Easy to put together, and useable – so they don’t have to have another gift cluttering up their house.
Fun fun fun!010

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