Worth a Watch: Why we have too few women leaders.

I’ve been a fan of Sheryl Sandberg’s ever since I first watched this fascinating talk 3 years ago. It was giving this very talk that pushed Sheryl into writing her book, ‘Lean In’, where she elaborates on the practical and very important lessons she’s learned working in Silicon Valley at some of the most successful companies in the world.


Sheryl highlights 3 very important tips for young women in a business environment, who’s intention is to remain there, climbing, as she puts it, the corporate jungle gym as opposed to the metaphorical ladder.

1|| Sit at the table. 
Physically and mentally. You need to speak up in meetings, share your thoughts and opinions, risk placing yourself in the line of fire to raise peoples’ awareness at just how good a job you can do.

2|| Make your partner a real partner.
There is absolutely no time or place for a working woman in this day and age to take sole care of the home and her children. You need to share responsibilities with your partner. Childcare and home maintenance is a 50/50 job. In a perfect world, half of our women would be in board rooms and half of our men would be at home with children.

3|| Don’t leave before you leave.
Stop worrying about the future before it’s arrived. By all means, plan ahead, but women often hold themselves back from applying for jobs or working hard for promotions, because they worry that in 5 years time they might be married, or wanting to have children, when they’re not even currently dating anyone.

If you enjoy this talk, I would high;y recommend reading Sheryl’s book ‘Lean In’, a fantastic and enlightening read. Her wisdom and encouragement are incredibly fascinating.

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