Samantha Jones – the best fictional female TV character

I’ve noticed recently online that there’s been a lot of feminine finger pointing when it comes to relatable TV series and their female characters. There are fingers flying in every direction while women take sides behind their fictional favourites, defending them on blog posts, social media and alike. Sex and the City, as it has been since the show’s pilot episode in 1998, has been at the centre of many of these heated debates. Women are claiming that the lives of the characters are outlandish and untrue (well done for correctly realizing you’re watching fiction!). Articles such as these, which raise a fair point, have popped up again and again over the years. Even worse, are posts such as this, in which the writer seems to love labeling the S&TC ladies as sluts and whores. Classy. So pro-women. And then to be fair, we have the counter argument, which I’m behind.

I’m not interested in debating any of these, because everyone has the right to their own opinion. But what I am going to talk about, is the finest, most fantastic fictional character that has ever graced our television screens – Samantha Jones. Played by Kim Catrell, Samantha is the bold, confident, accomplished and totally sexy blonde in Sex and the City.

Sam Jones

“Honey, you look back so much you should have a relationship rear-view mirror.”

She is the one character in the show who is completely entertaining and entirely relatable. Sam is the best friend we all wish we had – she tries, tests and reports back, without fail. Aside from her powerful on screen persona, Samantha also deals with numerous personal problems and issues, that make her not only relatable, but a character you can look to for responsible wisdom. She gets tested for AIDS, admits to having abortions, goes through public scrutiny, always carries her head high, owns her own company, buys property, constantly reminds the ladies that men aren’t worth obsessing over, deals with and over comes cancer, is always honest and never ditches her friends for men. She’s the first person each of them go to when they want honest advice, and she never ever judges them. Samantha kicks ass, takes no prisoners, negotiates deals, fixes problems, calls out sexism and yes, has a lot of sex.

You know what this fearless, never say never, confident, put-yourself-first attitude gets her? She ends up with the best partner out of any of them (Smith kicks Harry, Big, Aidan and Steve’s asses. I think we can all agree on that!) without even trying to find him. She’s a sex symbol that really pushes the boundaries for older (and younger) women everywhere, and is someone worth looking up to. In a society where women and sex are still topics that are seen as taboo, Samantha Jones makes them easy and funny to talk about. She is full of numerous note-worthy lines that make you laugh out loud and giggle into your wine glass, mentally parking them for when you might need them at some point in life… “I think I have monogamy. I caught it from you people.”

Sam Jones3

My favourite Samantha quotes…
From season 1, episode 1… “The right guy is an illusion! Start living your lives!”
From season 2… While she and Carrie are strolling near Central Park she says,
“Honey, relationships have been on the decline ever since women came out of the cave, looked around and thought, “this isn’t so bad!”
From season 4, episode 1… “Emotional is just code for ‘I don’t want to hire a woman.'”
Click here for a list of Samantha Jones’ 21 best lines in animated GIFs.

Yes, sometimes she says things that are wildly inappropriate, which is something I love about her, but what makes her even more relatable is the fact that every now and then we see her walls come down – she gets hurt, goes through break ups, deals with cheating boyfriends, feels lonely and hates getting older. Yet she comes out on top of all of her problems, remaining the best example of friendship out of the four S&TC characters. Sam almost never loses face, or faith… in herself.

Sam Jones2

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