I moved into my sweet little flat in about 2 days. Yes. You heard right.
Two days of full on off loading and unpacking boxes, miles of bubble wrap and of course Chinese take always, because I couldn’t even find my stove amidst the mess really love monks.

Two nights later, I had a Halloween/flat warming for a few of my close friends. Partly because I wanted to show them where I’m staying, and mostly because I wanted to dress up and use my newly acquired Halloween paraphernalia purchased while I was in Ireland.




I cut out tons of bats from some left over black paper, and used my chalk board to write a little happy Halloween message.
I’d planned the food and drinks before hand, but was still organizing last minute things once people started arriving.
Cheese boards are easy and absolutely delicious… Add some crackers, and you’re basically looking at my average week-night dinner (not joking). I made sautéed mushrooms on toothpicks, and chopped up some carrots and cucumber to dip in the hummus. I also made mini caprese salad skewers – deeeeelicious. On the sweet side, my friend Leigh made me delicious red velvet cupcakes – hers are honestly just the best – and I had to a of sneaky sweet treats in bowls. I bought a gorgeous big drinks dispenser from Mr Price home a few weeks ago, and put that up on the table with a punch of Pimms, lemonade and ginger ale, along with tons of fruit.










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