It’s my birthday soon!

And I’ll be 23! Yay!!!! What an exciting age!

So in true Britney style, I have decided to post 23 (yes, twenty three) things that I want for my birthday, and then another 6 that are, well…..just for fun (aka things that no one will ever buy for me and I will inevitably have to buy for myself.)

My desired birthday gifts for 2013 (within reason):


Right, so…. starting from the top left….

These three head pieces from Miss Selfridge. I’ve never wanted something so much EVER. Because in my dreams I’m an indian princess of some sort, sari and all.
one | two | three

A very cool striped top from Forever 21. Too cool for school yo.

This freakishly cool embellished cardigan thing from Miss Selfridge.

Very fun, polka dotty instax mini film. You can NEVER have enough. (urban Outfitters)

Alexa Chung’s book ‘It’. That girl is far too chic. Love it. (urban Outfitters)

These cool Kate Spade watches. The Gold one is in their London, Covent Garden branch, the pink watch with the amazeballs little face is on their site. ALL of Kate Spade’s watches are too cool for words. See for yourself.

Inslee Haynes is my favourite fashion illustrator. Beyond obsessed with this print (and anything from her studio).

This fabulous folder from Kate Spade (who is clearly owning my birthday list).

This paper weight and this mug to go together, obvs.

I don’t need a new purse, but when I see this electric orange KS purse…. I think I do.

This super cute little bag, but in the stripes to match my own KS overnight bag, not this pink one.

The sailor knot ring is too cute for words. I want to wear it every day.

These Kate Spade bracelets are just my fave.
Skinny bow
London Calling
hot to trot
et cetera, et cetera
heart of gold
kick your heels up

And last but not least, this OTT super awesome patterned Kate Spade skirt.

I also like journals or notebooks with blank, non-lined pages. All sorts of black pens. Anything with glitter on it, generally. Pumpkin spiced lattes and chai tea lattes, with no coffee in them, from Starbucks. Canvas tote bags with random prints on them. Scented candles. Flowers, in a big way. Chocolate with nuts or mint in it. washi tape – google it. puppies. bunnies. big bunnies (rabbits). fleetwood mac. anything that looks indian or like it might have come from the grand bazaar in Istanbul. tea – all sorts. liquorice all sorts. pancakes. popcorn.

List of Items that are too wonderful (read: expensive) for anyone else to buy for me:


1 • Jenny Packham dress | 2 • These cool skull rings | 3 • I want to stay in this tent on Pintrest forever | 4 • the gorgeous Parsons desk from West Elm | 5 • How come this camera is so super chic? | 6 • A state of the art 15″ Macbook Pro 7 | • That awesome french bulldog that I would probably name mithril, from Lord of the rings, and never put down.

Now I’m exhausted and I’m going to bed.

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