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61I am currently obsessing over everything that this mom and daughter startup is creating! What’s even more exciting, is that Robyn is actually one of my oldest friends, and I’m seriously looking forward to going to see their new studio in Woodstock soon.

Robyn’s mom, Sue, has this amazingly vast background in printing, so I remember growing up Robyn’s house would always be filled with creative supplies and of cuts of paper. Robyn also once fractured my finger when we were five, but that’s another story. (Actually you totally owe me Robyn, and that Africa pillow’s looking pretty damn good! :)
They started out with cushion covers, and have branched out into tote bags, gift tags and fabric, and I’m hoping that they’re gonna be making some pretty paper prints in the near future… (are you?)

Feast you eyes on their fantastic product range below….

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They have also recently moved into that studio in Woodstock that I mentioned, so I’ve been following their updates on Instagram as they’ve decorated and crafted their interior… and just this past weekend they did a photoshoot of all of their creative gorgeous interior awesomeness. What.a.mouthful! I can’t wait to see the pictures, which I’m sure will pop up on their blog super soon. But in the meantime, here’s a few from their studio…

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These chicks are way too cool. Be proudly SA and buy their stuff!!!

All of these images are from Zana’s Pintrest page or Etsy site.
You can find their website and awesome blog here!

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