I believe in chances.

I don’t believe in fate.
I don’t believe in destiny, or soulmates or ‘meant to be’. I don’t believe in Prince Charming or happily ever afters.
But I do believe in chance.

I believe that we’re given chances in our lives and the way that we respond to them determines our ‘fate’.
I believe that we take certain roads, and make decisions from the chances we are given, that ultimately leads to our destiny, and certainly to meeting a ‘soulmate’.

It is through chances that we discover our fears and our passions, and our limits. If it wasn’t for them, we’d be stuck in a monotonous rut, dragging our feet down the same dreary paths day in and out.

It is chance that leads you to new jobs, new cities and new experiences, and she who guides you to foreign lands and foreign loves.

We are given chances every single day of our lives. The more of them we take, the more we change, the more we experience, the more we grow.

I believe that a conversation on a bus can spark a romance, I believe that a smile across a room can begin a friendship, and more than anything, I truly believe in the power of chance.

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