Tasteful Tuesday – Perfectly Poached: Part three

If you hadn’t already realised – poached eggs and I, we just kind of go together. I think they’re the most versatile, healthy, delicious snack, and they’re (usually) pretty easy to make. To be honest, this week I messed up a couple of poached eggs (and it always happens in front of some one you’re keen to impress, doesn’t it?), so to be fair, I don’t blame anyone for using one of those poached egg pans, it certainly makes things much easier.

Any how… Once again, this recipe and delightful foodshoot was cooked and styled by yours truly, and was shot by my wonderfully talented friend Ricardo, who I’m going to be working with more and more in the coming months.

I’d call this the Best Served Hott (yes, with two T’s)
(makes 2 serving)

• 2 large eggs
• a handful of rocket
• 2 slices of whole wheat bread
• black pepper
• tabasco sauce
• parmesan cheese

• To begin, pop your bread into a toaster and crisp it up.
• In the mean time, cook your poached eggs.
• While they’re in the water, wash your rocket (I picked mine from my garden, so it was really important to wash it) and break it into smaller pieces.
• Grate some parmesan cheese – this will go on top of your eggs.
• Place your rocket leaves on your freshly made toast..
• Take each egg out and place it on top of the leaves.
• Crumble your grated parmesan on the very top.
• Grind a bit of black pepper over your dish, and serve it with the tabasco sauce on the side.
05_PerfectlyPoached_DishThree_0272 DSC_0276 DSC_0278

I really hope that you enjoyed reading my three part, poached egg obsession series as much as I enjoyed shooting and writing about it. If you missed the two previous Perfectly Poached posts, you can find them by clicking below:
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