Seventeen Magazine 2014 Homework Diary

Although I can’t share the design with you just yet, I thought I’d share a little update about what I’ve been working on for the Seventeen Homework Diary that I’m designing. The first step when doing anything publication (layouts and magazines) related is to decide on colors and fonts – this is what keeps your design together, and gives it a great flow. There’s nothing worse than something than just doesn’t look ‘right’. Loads of different font families and crazy colour choices overlapping each other usually leads to this, and it occurs when you don’t have a POA – Plan Of Action.

So here’s mine! I’m a dedicated Gotham user – I might name my first born after this incredible font. All the different weights make it so incredibly versatile and easy to design with. I like to create a POA like this to refer back to myself – to remind myself how everything should look. I’ve tried to make the colours as bright as possible, but when you’re working with CMYK it doesn’t always allow this… (CMYK are print colours – cyan, magenta, yellow and black – while RGB are screen colours – red, green and blue – and RGB allows for super bright colours, where CMYK doesn’t so much. UNless you’re using Pantones, which is a whole ‘nother ball game).
Design template_HWdiary2014

Obviously I can’t share the actual diary design on my blog just yet, as that needs to remain a secret. But I’d like to keep sharing the design process that I go through, because it might be interesting for people who don’t know what goes into designing a homework diary that prints 40 000 copies! That figured made me nervous at first, but the second time around I’m completely chilled about it!



2 thoughts on “Seventeen Magazine 2014 Homework Diary

    1. Britney Beeby Post author

      Hi Megan!
      As Seventeen magazine has unfortunately closed down, the diary will now be available in the December/January issue of True Love Magazine!
      I hope you enjoy it!


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