Seventeen Magazine 2014 Homework Diary

I’m so thrilled to be designing the Seventeen Magazine homework diary for the second year in a row. Last year I contacted the editor out of the blue, and asked if I could design the diary – a big step for a freelancer just starting out, as 40 000 copies are printed! Thankfully, the divine Janine Jellars put her faith in me, and since then I also designed their matrix dance insert, in their latest issue (I’ll share that soon).

If you know me, then you know I love diaries. I love notebooks and stationery and anything I can write down lists on. I like making a note of what I’ve done each day, how I spent my weekends and most of all – decorating my diary. You could say I’m the diary queen. I’m so, so , so excited to be having another chance at working on the 2014 version – it’s gonna be hotter than EVER (which is saying something because last year’s was awesome!).

Below I’ve included the proposal that I sent to them. We’re not sticking to it exactly, but it’ll be something along these lines – it’s what I’m using as inspiration.

choose the brightest future choose the brightest future2 choose the brightest future3 choose the brightest future4 choose the brightest future5

There’s just something about all these bright colors and quirky designs that make me want to lie outside drinking margaritas on a hot summer’s day in a field of daisies. Daydreaming much? Anyway… Here’s the design I did for this year’s homework diary…

IMG_1821IMG_1857 IMG_1860 IMG_1894


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