Worth a watch: Do what you love

DAMN this is a good talk! Gary sets the stage on fire talking all about the importance of brand equity. His enthusiasm and energy are infectious, and make you want to quit your day job to do what you love – and why shouldn’t you? According to Gary, you can monetize anything.
“If you love elves, start an elf blog. If you love the Smurfs, Smurf it up! I guarantee you will have an audience.”


Gary explains that the way that the web is evolving, we can really be in charge of what we do in life – we now have an audience that spans the entire world, and someone ou there is bound to like the same things you do.

He says that we’ve gotta get a couple of things down first….

Life is too short to be in a job that you hate. So think about whatever it is that you absolutely love doing, and do that. There will always be a way for you to monetize it – you just need to position yourself so that the right audience can see you. “But if you for half a second don’t believe in what you’re doing – whether it’s your own brand or the product you represent, you’ve gotta get out now.”

You have GOT to keep hustling – it’s the most important thing for you to do. You’ve got to apply yourself and make the time for what you love doing. If you’re working two jobs 9-5, 7-2 in the morning is plenty of time to start work on a career that you love. “Everybody has time, stop watching fucking Lost!”

Connect with your users, yes, absolutely. But giving a damn about them is even better. People want to be listened to, to know that their opinions and questions really matter to you. That is how you build brand reliability, trust and confidence. And use all your tools to do it – don’t choose Twitter and think that that’s enough. It’s a guarantee that someone somewhere is going to search for you on Instagram or Facebook or Flickr, and think o themselves “Hmmmmm. They’re not there. I won’t look any further to reach out.” Make it easy for people to get hold of you.

Brand Equity
If you love it, you will succeed. End of story. The best thing about doing what you love, is that you believe in it, and you can build a legacy that you’re proud of – “what will my great great grandchildren think of me when they look back” – which is why legacy is greater than currency. If your brand can speak for itself and carry itself, it means that you believe in it, and you’re hustling right.

One of the most important things to remember is that things have CHANGED, and they’re going to continue changing. The old power players – television, media, newspapers – they’re no longer in control. Now a days entrepreneurs, bloggers, vloggers – they’re creating the content that is being read by millions every day. And if you seize your passion, and grab a chance at doing something, whether it seems like too much of a niche or not – could be the opportunity of a lifetime. All it takes is a bit of hustling.

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