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I really liked the idea of my previous ‘Shop that look locally‘ post. There’s nothing worse than seeing a ton of cute outfits on Pintrest and then never being able to find the equivalent in our South African stores. So I’ve decided to make this a regular series – I’ll give a couple of examples of clothing of a style I’m really keen on, where you can find them internationally and then of course – how to shop that look locally on our gorgeous South African shores.

I can’t wait until Summer is back in full swing. There’s nothing better than being able to show some leg and wear cute sandals. Last Summer I bought a stunning black skirt from Mr Price that has become a staple in my wardrobe. I took it with me to Europe (you can see me wearing it in a style post from Barcelona) and now that I’m back, it’s counter parts seem to be popping up everywhere.

They’re known as ‘skater skirts’ but they’re far from anything Avril circa 2003. Forget about strange sneakers and skull ‘n cross bones, these skirts are mega chic. They have a graceful, elegant look to them, and come in so many variations that they could honestly go with any look, and be paired with anything. Besides being incredibly versatile, they’re also supra flattering, especially with a cute pair of heels.


one  |  two  |  three002_STLL2

four  |  five  |  six

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