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Florentinian at Heart


Every day I dream of Florence. I dream about walking down ancient cobbled stone streets in my Birkenstock sandals. I dream of lazily sampling every flavour of gelato, while looking across the Arno. I dream of shopping up a storm, admiring art, discovering new delights and even the smell of Italian cigarette smoke. I dream of the strong aroma of coffee that meets your nose around every corner, and the thrill of hearing gorgeous Italian words every minute.

I dream of going out for late night dinners, and passing out, exhausted, into bed. Only to wake up and do it all again the next day.

Until we meet again Firenze.style10fun

Top – Forever New (old)  |  sandals – Birkenstock (or Cape Town – Andhee Comfort Shoes)  |  Skirt – Mr Price (old)

You can see my previous posts about my outfits in Florence, as well as the best meal I’ve ever eaten in Florence by following the links.

katespadequotestyle10fulllength IMG_3235

Packing for a camping trip

Anyone remember when I created this epic (if I do say myself) packing list for Europe, and styled 40 outfits out of it? (Dude, I know  – 40 freaking outfits. And I printed them out, took them with me and showed them to Ben on the first day – he fell in love and was weirded out, in equal amounts.)

Well, I’ve done it again for this little 9 day camping trip that Ben and I are going on. I’ve chosen 18 simple items from H&M, Forever21, Miss Selfridge, Topshop and River Island that are currently for sale online. You can find links to each of them below. To top that off, I’ve styled 9 fun Summer outfits that are just perfect for all sorts of eating-marshmallows-round-the-fire-after-a-beach-day camping related activities. Enjoy!



one | two | three | four


five | six | seven


eight | nine | ten


eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen


fifteen | sixteen | seventeen | eighteen

I always find that I need to be able to see outfits on paper because I can’t imagine what to do with all the (inevitably) creased clothes that are lying in my bag. It’s hard when you don’t have a hotel cupboard to hang your clothes up inside. But for only a couple of days I can definitely Iive with it! Often what I do, is just before I pack my clothes into a bag, I arrange them into a couple of outfits and snap them with my iPhone – that way I can scroll through my images and see what potential outfits I could wear, and once I’ve decided, simply pull out the according pieces. Voila! It’s like having a mini personal stylist on holiday with you!

Travel_CAMP_outfits7 Travel_CAMP_outfits8 Travel_CAMP_outfits9 Travel_CAMP_outfits10 Travel_CAMP_outfits11 Travel_CAMP_outfits12 Travel_CAMP_outfits13 Travel_CAMP_outfits14 Travel_CAMP_outfits15

Aztec Amalfi

While I was scanning through all of my photos from the amazing trip that I took with my mother last year, I came across an outfit that I hadn’t shared yet! This aztec dress is one of my favourites for traveling.
These photos were taken the day we spent exploring the towns along the Amalfi Coast. An area of Italy that is very close to Sorrento and The Isle of Capri. It was the first time we had managed to spend a day on the beach, and we couldn’t believe the rocks and pebbles lining the shore. I’m aware that that’s what most European beach are like, having been to Greece before, but coming from Cape Town with our white sandy stretches of seaside heaven, it always surprises me. But when in Amalfi, one must do as the Italians do – so we ate gelato, explored the cobbled streets and lay in the sunshine all day long.


Dress – Mr Price (old)  |  sandals – Birkenstock (or Cape Town – Andhee Comfort Shoes)

hat scenic_01

portrait action

behind-the-scenes_01 scenic_02


Barefoot beach walks

I spent a wonderfully relaxing 3 nights at our family holiday house in Pringle Bay last weekend. We celebrated Ali’s birthday – she’s our local pizza place owner. If you’re ever in Pringle, make a point of stopping by for one of her amazing pizzas. I walked on the beach with my parents, ate late brunches, watched my dad play a bit of a gig which is always fantastic, and ended up having to help my dad catch and release a puff adder that slithered onto our veranda. Just a bit of excitement to end off the weekend!

1. full

My hat and shoes were gifted to me, sunnies are from somewhere in Barcelona, my dress is from Mr Price years ago, and actually belongs to my mother. I can only give a link to the cosy cardigan. Cardigan – Forever New2. full_2 3. Portrait 4. shoes 5. fun 6. landscape

Mr Price ensembles – Music festival outfit

Next weekend is Ramfest in Cape Town! I’m not going, as it’s my cousin’s birthday party, but I thought I’d concoct a little outfit mood board as I was feeling inspired by everyone’s festival related Facebook updates. I think the key to enjoying a music festival while remaining stylish is finding the line between trendy and comfortable. You’re generally on your feet all day long, and for even longer at night.

1. Flat shoes are a must! There’s nothing worse than heels sinking into the grass, and the only time you should have to deal with that, is at the horse races. Closed shoes are better than sandals, because they protect your feet from careless drunk people stumbling around ‘dancing’.

2. A sensible bag is pretty sensible. Not too big that you could fit your laptop inside it, not too small that you need a magnifying glass to spot it, and definitely a long strap to hang around your body while you’re jamming.

3. Dress in layers. Hot in the electro tent, cold in the crowd at the main stage – what you need is a nice easy shirt you can tie around your waist and whip on and off when needed.

4. Don’t forget your sunnies Or to keep hydrated and apply sunscreen. Sunstroke is not fun, and is so much worse when you’re camping. Trust me.

5. …or to accessorize! Just because you’re at a festival and it’s a little very dusty, doesn’t mean you can’t bling it up. Just don’t use anything with stones in it, or take anything sentimental, in case it gets lost. Festivals are definitely the place to rock skull rings and cross accessories.

This entire outfit can be shopped online at Mr Price’s fantastic online store. They’re affordable and fashionable, and what’s more – you can often find pieces online that I never see in the stores. If you’re trying to think up outfits for Ramfest this weekend, take a peek at my mood board for some inspiration and to see what I would wear if I was going. The links to each piece are below the image.

001_festival outfit

1 | 2 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

image via

Valentines Vibes

I absolutely love Valentines Day. I think it’s so fantastic that there’s a day dedicated simply to love every single year, and while I absolutely make an effort to show the people I love how much they mean to me the whole year through, it’s nice to do something just a little extra special on Vday. There’s a serious heatwave happening in Cape Town at the moment – it was 43 degrees celsius  yesterday in the city. Luckily I had just the outfit to keep me cool and cute.

01Dress – Zara   |  Blazer – Hobbs |  Pearl necklace – Hobbs  |  Shoes – vintage find  |  Knot ring & Gold bow bracelet – Kate Spade

2 3

Shimmy shimmy shake

I love things that shine. I’m like a magpie. It’s an obsession that I try and wangle into everything in life, because what’s better than something that sparkles, right? Well in that case, what could possibly be more fantastic that a full sequin blazer? Thank you Zara for making my dreams come true.


Sequin Jacket – Zara (shop on ebay here)  |  Pleather shorts – Zara |  Ruffled black halterneck top – Edgars (old)  |  Toecap boots – Zoom  |  Sunglasses – Guess  |  Knot ring & Gold bow bracelet – Kate Spade  |  Gold chain necklace – Primark

Portrait_007 closeup_007

Time for a Turban

There’s something about a turban that makes me really excited, and makes other people frown at you and think “What the heck is she wearing?” But I’m the kinda person who just.doesn’ I’ve had this cute piece of headwear since I went to London in 2011, and I was even photographed by a Fashion Friend while wearing it in 2012. It’s a goodie.



Dress – 2nd hand from Klaudia at The Maw you Wish For  |  platforms – Jeffrey Campbell from Zando   |  Turban from New Look (old)
closeup accessories

Photos by Yincee Piers

Shop that look locally

I really liked the idea of my previous ‘Shop that look locally‘ post. There’s nothing worse than seeing a ton of cute outfits on Pintrest and then never being able to find the equivalent in our South African stores. So I’ve decided to make this a regular series – I’ll give a couple of examples of clothing of a style I’m really keen on, where you can find them internationally and then of course – how to shop that look locally on our gorgeous South African shores.

I can’t wait until Summer is back in full swing. There’s nothing better than being able to show some leg and wear cute sandals. Last Summer I bought a stunning black skirt from Mr Price that has become a staple in my wardrobe. I took it with me to Europe (you can see me wearing it in a style post from Barcelona) and now that I’m back, it’s counter parts seem to be popping up everywhere.

They’re known as ‘skater skirts’ but they’re far from anything Avril circa 2003. Forget about strange sneakers and skull ‘n cross bones, these skirts are mega chic. They have a graceful, elegant look to them, and come in so many variations that they could honestly go with any look, and be paired with anything. Besides being incredibly versatile, they’re also supra flattering, especially with a cute pair of heels.


one  |  two  |  three002_STLL2

four  |  five  |  six

Pamplona Princess


Pamplona seemed a little sleepy, which might have had something to do with the fact that we arrived 2 weeks after Running of the Bulls had finished, and the town was still deep in siesta mode. I still managed to do some great shopping, and even grabbed a photo opportunity to pose with a couple of friendlier bulls! I can’t wait to go back one day for the festival, any opportunity to drink sangria is good with me!


Dress – Zara  |  sandals – Birkenstock (or Cape Town – Andhee Comfort Shoes)006_portrait